Salvador Benavidez

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Salvador Benavidez is a graduate of the South Texas College of Law

Sal Benavidez is a nationally respected authority on Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) law. He has represented thousands of individuals from all walks of life at the administrative levels, appeals, and also in federal court. Sal is a compassionate, friendly face to assist you in navigating the complex maze of claiming the benefits owed to you. He understands that you will be sharing extremely personal and intimate details about your daily routines, and he provides you a safe space in a judgment-free law firm.

Sal also takes criminal defense cases when good people in the community are having the worst day of their life following an incident and an arrest. He is especially receptive and sensitive to the needs of clients coming from the GLBTI community, and especially the QPoC community, who have additional heightened fears and historical concerns facing the criminal justice system for the first time.

Sal earned an undergraduate degree in Chemistry prior to attending law school. This scientific and laboratory training brings a unique analytical, evidence-based methodical approach to both Social Security and criminal defense cases, where medical and health issues need to be properly analyzed, developed throughout the life of the case, and effectively presented in hearings or at trial.

To further assist clients and families with their legal needs, Sal also recently became certified by the State Bar of Texas to serve as an Ad Litem in guardianship proceedings. As a community leader, Sal gives back to the community whenever possible. This includes a long history of personally taking on a number of eligible pro bono cases annually from the Houston Volunteer Lawyers, which eventually led to the firm’s designation as an Equal Access to Justice Champion.

Sal enjoys the opportunity to make positive impacts in the lives of people when they need help the most. This is why he became a lawyer in his second career to help people with their sensitive, but urgent legal needs in the Social Security arena and also in criminal defense.

Main areas of practice: Social Security, criminal defense, probate, and guardianship