Client empowerment

Frye, Oaks, Benavidez and O'Neil know that knowledge is power and that education helps to empower everyone.

Growth & improvement

A law firm cannot survive if it does not change and grow. Guiding that growth is what makes them succeed.

Personal excellence

Personal excellence inspired all the attorneys to become the best in their area of law.

Participation & recognition

When you Google the names of the firm's attorneys you will find that they are involved in all kinds of activisim.

Founded in 2003, our agency has served over 15,000 clients

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FSOB Logo Icon Web Our firm has served over 15,000 clients.

The kind of cases include: Family Law, Social Security, Estate Planning, GLBT Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Entertainment Law, Construction Liens, Tax Law, Personal Injury and Forclosure.

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